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Celebration of The 101st Anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic at Kempinsky Hotel Jakarta

The Azerbaijan Embassy based in the capital Jakarta has held its 101st independence anniversary at the Kempinsky Hotel, Monday 29 April 2019. This commemoration also marks Azerbaijan's 100th diplomatic relationship with other countries. Turkey was recorded as the first country to recognize Azerbaijan's independence, followed by Iran.

Unfortunally that Azerbaijan later fell into the power of Sovyet Union. Azerbaijan was released from the occupation of the Sovyet Union in 1991. On September 24,1992, Indonesia recognized Azerbaijan's independence. Azerbaijan opened an embassy in Jakarta in 2006, while Indonesia opened embassy in Baku in 2010.
Even though, Azerbaijan also celebrate 100 years of Diplomatic Service of the Republic. Azerbaijan have over 70 diplomatic missions abroad right now.

I and several blogger friends got the opportunity to attend the commemoration event. Acting as the Keynote speaker was Mr. Ruslan Nasibov from the Azerbaijan Embassy. The event was also attended by Sofyan Djalil, BPN and Agrarian Minister who represented the working cabinet of the Indonesian government as well as several DPR members.

In his remarks, Mr. Ruslan Nasibov explained about the situation and conditions in Azerbaijan.

In the last fifteen years the level of poverty in the country dropped to 5,4 percent, economy grew more than three times, 260 billion USD have been invested into the country. With population reached 10 million people this month on 6 of April, foreign currency reserves hit the mark of 46 billion USD, five-fold higher than foreign debt.

Azerbaijan is ranked 25th in the latest Doing Business Report by the World Bank, becoming one of the top ten reformers in the world. 15 km of roads and highways were built in Azerbaijan during the last 15 years. The country is ranked 34th by quality of road infrastructure in the assessment of the Davos World Economic Forum.

"Using our geographical location, we invest in building bridges between Asia and Europe. Despite being a landlock country, Azerbaijan turned into one of the international transportation hubs. We have built diversified railroad network connecting us with our neighbours," said Mr. Ruslan.

The highlight of the event was the cutting of a birthday cake. This cake is very beautiful, in the form of the symbol of the two best countries, namely Azerbaijan and Indonesia. Cake cutting was carried out by Mr. Ruslan and Sovyan Djalil and witnessed by other figures.

After that we enjoyed the gala dinner which served various specialties from Azerbaijan. It turns out that some of these foods also resemble Turkish foods such as kebabs and baklava. I don't miss tasting the food.
We capture this fun moment by taking a photo together on the stage. Mr. Ruslan is very happy to be able to take pictures with the bloggers who always support Azerbaijan

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