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Genocide in Khojaly, Azerbaijan Never Forgotten

 27 years ago, a terrible tragedy happened in Khojaly, Azerbaijan. Armenian army attacked and killed the people of Khojaly at night, between 25 - 26 February 1992. More than 600 killed, including women and children.
In the cold night 25 February 1992,  the Armenian Government ordered its troops to destroy an innocent town of  6000 people in the Caucasus Mountains. The town was Khojaly in Azerbaijan's Karabakh region. Surrounded of three side by Armenian troops and their allies.

The town was destroyed in less than 3 hours by bombardment, tanks, and hundred of attackers on foot. Khojaly's people was chased down and those not was enough. Women, children and ederly werw massacred in what the Armenian claimed was a "hummanitarian corridor"

It was a killing field for hundred of unarmed men, women and child victims in open field with no cover. The Human Right was called it "the largest massacred in the conflict" betwen Armenia and Azerbaijan.

 The two-hour offensive killed 613 Azeri citizens, including 116 women and 63 children, and also critically injured 487 others, according to Azerbaijani figures. One hundred and fifty of the 1,275 Azerbaijanis that the Armenians captured during the massacre remain missing to this day.

Khojaly was one of the first acrocities of the war waged by Armenia against Azerbaijan in the early 1990's, eventually resulting in the ilegal millitary invasion. Total ethnic cleansing of 20% of Azerbaijan's internationally recognized territory.
Khojaly Massacre should never be forgotten.The massacre of Feb. 25-26, 1992, is regarded as one of the bloodiest and most controversial incidents of the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan. It was war crime. It was genocide by Armenian army with Russia supported.

Justice For Khojaly

 Unfortunally, the Armenian Government has not been responsible for the genocide. In fact, genocide is an act that vilates international law. Therefore, it is fitting for the international people to seek justice for the citizens of Khojaly.

That's  why the Azerbaijan government made a  campaign to demand that the Armenian government be responsible.  Armenia should be punished according to demand that the Armenian government's action. 

This campaign is not only Khojaly's resident, but also to warn the international community. Genocide Occurs in many countries. We can mention Rohingya, Palestine, Uighur and others,  but the UN cannot do anything. Violations of law supported by superpowers, are often ignored.

We need to fight against lawbreakers. Especially developing countries must unite and join hands. Don't let the genocide happen again in anywhere.

Indonesia concern about the genocide. Indonesia and Azerbaijan are both muslim countries. The Azerbaijan citizens are muslim. We have good relationship and support each other.

Commeration of the genocide

Azerbaijan embassy and Indonesia University held seminar with the title "Humanity, In Search Of Justice for Peaceful Coexsitence". This event was held in the Ruang Apung, Indonesia University's Library at Monday, 2-25/2019. Opening speech by Fuad Gani, Head of Library Indonesia University.

The guest who came  from various institution. They're  not only from Indonesia University, but also Sahid University students, PDS HB Yasin Library, ANRI and blogger/writers.

Mr Ruslan Nasibov, Charge d'affairs of Azerbaijan Embassy explained about the genocide.   He told how the population was frightened when the genocide occured.  Witnesses cried to see their families killed by Armenian. They were innocent people.

Justice for Khojaly campaign must be echoed throughout the world. We must take part in this campaign for the sake of world peace.g


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